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Runers's World





Runner’s World

Runner Interrupted: Running took him from Kenya to Alaska, and gave him a shot at a better life. But then Marko Cheseto disappeared during a run one snowy winter night

Finding His Way






Washington Post Magazine

The Fallout: Traveling through the Cold War’s Weapons of Mass Attraction

The Reunion:  in Tanzania, an American English teacher reconnects with his students

Spirits in the Material World: In South Dakota, the Lower Brule Sioux promote their culture without cliches and kitsch


A mind dismembered: In search of the magical penis thieves






Thirty Two

The Life and Death of Malls

The Painted Bird

Does the Midwest Matter?

The Fall of the Creative Class

Still Falling: On Chickens and Eggs, Cause and Effect and the Real Problem with the Creative Class


The Bike That Meant Everything

Ebb and Flow:  A ride down the Mississippi River to his high-school reunion helps a cyclist appreciate the hometown he once despised.

Shops We Love: The Angry Catfish

Bam!  Nick Frey was a whiz kid and a brainy cycling prodigy. Then he got an idea that blew those dreams away.

501 Pounds:  Five years ago, Scott Cutshall was so fat that doctors told him he’d die within six months. Then he looked out his window and saw a man riding a bike


The Sky Is Burning: Caught in the Pagami Creek Fire

On the Groad: Gravel riding has exploded over the past few years. Frank Bures tries to figure out where it’s going—and if that even matters.

Read It, Watch It, See It for Yourself: Since Kerouac, adventure books and movies have gotten explorers on the road. Frank Bures runs down five recent journey-inspiring hits

Hang Time: At the Monkey Bar Gym, Fitness is Fun Again. Jon Hinds has junked the mirrors and machines in favor of real, functional, full-body fitness

Travis Rice, a profile of the world’s top snowboarder


What It Feels Like…to Survive a Parachute Failure

What It Feels Like…to Be Beaten by a Mob

Poets & Writers

Eat, Pray, Write: A Profile of Elizabeth Gilbert

Inner Space: Clearing Some Room for Inspiration

Failure’s Fortune: A Profile of Sam Lipsyte

Home Sweet Home:  A Profile of Meghan Daum

Way, Way Too Much Information: The noosphere is getting harder and harder to avoid

I Google Myself, Therefore I Am

Chasing the Whale: A Profile of Junot Diaz

All the Things He Did Not Know: A Profile of Tom Bissell

In Search of the Last American Man: A Profile of Elizabeth Gilbert

Choke Hold On the Zeitgeist: Profile of Chuck Palahniuk





The Rotarian

Gandhi, a Girl and the Good Enough Life

Photographic Memory: Should you take pictures on the road?

Strange Stones: Boomtowns and rats through the eyes of an expat in China

What Price Experience? To live a rich life, invest in memories.

Beyond Borders: How exchange programs widen the circle

Scientific American Mind

Review: Harnessed: How Language and Music Mimicked Nature and Transformed Ape to Man

Review: A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links between Leadership and Mental Illness

Review: Nerve: Poise Under Pressure, Serenity Under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool

Review: Moonwalking with Einstein

Review: The Tell-Tale Brain

Review: How Many Friends Does One Person Need? by Robin Dunbar.

Power Posing: A dominant pose can send hormone levels spiking

Mother Jones

Mosque Pit:  Muslim punks give a middle finger to Islam and America

Open Road, Clear Conscience: tips for leaving the gringo guilt at home when you’re on holiday

From Civil War to the Drug War: East Africans are risking prison for a taste of home


Ecotopias Aren’t Just for Hippies Anymore

Access Denied: Broadband service is available worldwide, but it’s beyond most people’s budgets

Fewer Fish to Fry in an Omega-3-Crazed World. (Hope you like Carp!) Online is the new frontline

Blast out of this World: Spaceports are launching all over the planet.

Tin House

Award-winning writer and founder of the magazine Kwani?, Binyavanga Wainaina, discusses “the mafia of petty ideas” and the revolution in the Kenyan literary scene with Frank Bures

Frank Bures on Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Whispered Stories on Buru

Frank Bures on Ngugi wa Thiongo’s “Matigari”

V. S. Naipaul won the war of sibling rivalry on the battleground of fame and letters. But was his younger brother Shiva the better writer

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