Stories by Publication

Washington Post Magazine

The Reunion:  in Tanzania, an American English teacher reconnects with his students

The Fallout: Traveling through the Cold War’s Weapons of Mass Attraction

Spirits in the Material World: In South Dakota, the Lower Brule Sioux promote their culture without cliches and kitsch

Outside Magazine

The Sky Is Burning: Caught in the Pagami Creek Fire

Bodywork/Moves: Want to prevent injuries? Strengthen your feet

On the Groad: Gravel riding has exploded over the past few years. Frank Bures tries to figure out where it’s going—and if that even matters.

Read It, Watch It, See It for Yourself: Since Kerouac, adventure books and movies have gotten explorers on the road. Frank Bures runs down five recent journey-inspiring hits

Hang Time: At the Monkey Bar Gym, Fitness is Fun Again. Jon Hinds has junked the mirrors and machines in favor of real, functional, full-body fitness

Scientific American

Running Circles around Us: East African Olympians’ Advantage May Be More Than Physical

Review: Harnessed

Review: A First-Rate Madness

Review: Nerve: Poise Under Pressure

Review: Moonwalking with Einstein

Review: How Many Friends Does One Person Need? by Robin Dunbar.

Power Posing: A dominant pose can send hormone levels spiking


A mind dismembered: In search of the magical penis thieves


What It Feels Like…to Survive a Parachute Failure

What It Feels Like…to Be Beaten by a Mob


Friday Night Bikes: How High School Mountain Biking Is Transforming the Sport

The Bike That Meant Everything

Ebb and Flow:  A ride down the Mississippi River to his high-school reunion helps a cyclist appreciate the hometown he once despised.

Shops We Love: The Angry Catfish

Bam!  Nick Frey was a whiz kid and a brainy cycling prodigy. Then he got an idea that blew those dreams away.

501 Pounds:  Five years ago, Scott Cutshall was so fat that doctors told him he’d die within six months. Then he looked out his window and saw a man riding a bike

Runers's World

Runner’s World

Runner Interrupted: Running took him from Kenya to Alaska, and gave him a shot at a better life. But then Marko Cheseto disappeared during a run one snowy winter night

Finding His Way


Men’s Health

The Donors

Poets & Writers

Writing the Self: Some Thoughts on Words and Woe

Eat, Pray, Write: A Profile of Elizabeth Gilbert

Inner Space: Clearing Some Room for Inspiration

Failure’s Fortune: A Profile of Sam Lipsyte

Home Sweet Home:  A Profile of Meghan Daum

Chasing the Whale: A Profile of Junot Diaz

All the Things He Did Not Know: A Profile of Tom Bissell

Choke Hold On the Zeitgeist: Profile of Chuck Palahniuk


The Rotarian

On the trail of history: Rotarians frresurrect the Great Western Trail

Education on the front lines: In Nigeria, a university president takes on Boko Haram.

Culture: Dinner for one

Frankenwords: Catch my meaning?

The Lost Girls of South Sudan and the Rotarian Who Found Them

Beyond Belief: What Happens When What You Know Turns Out to be Wrong?


Minnesota Monthly

Teaching a Stone to Fly

Minneapolis to Norway: Scandinavian reality-TV program “Alt for Norge”

Next Generation Philanthropy

Hunting for Mushrooms: Foraging 101

Squaring the Curve: Live Well, Die Fast

Blue Highways

Raising a Wild Child


Ecotopias Aren’t Just for Hippies Anymore

Access Denied: Broadband service is available worldwide, but it’s beyond most people’s budgets

Fewer Fish to Fry in an Omega-3-Crazed World. (Hope you like Carp!) Online is the new frontline


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