Penis theft, so-called blogging, kick off and more


It’s possible that you’re here because somewhere in West Africa, someone’s penis was stolen. Unfortunate, for them, it’s true. But at least you’re here because of it. Welcome to my so-called blog, where you’ll find links to stories, to others’ great work, and to a bit of fresh material from yours truly.

For those of you who aren’t my mom, here’s the short version of who I am: A long-time freelance writer, with a lot of stories out, including travel writing (narrative, where possible) and other nonfiction inspired by some of my heroes like Shiva Naipaul, Gary Smith, Gay Talese, Liz Gilbert and others. If you want more squat toilets, more great travel to tough places, and more glimpses of key people’s lives, please sign up or read on!



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  1. Hello Mr. Bures – If you’re looking for more “key” people to write about, the search can stop right here. You got my number.

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