Stories by Subject

Features & Profiles:

Runner Interrupted (Runner’s World)

Origin Unknown (Lapham’s Quarterly)

The Fall of the Creative Class (Thirty Two Magazine; follow-ups here and here)

The Sky Is Burning (Outside)

501 Pounds (Bicycling Magazine)

The Donors (Men’s Health)

The Bike that Meant Everything (Bicycling Magazine)

Pure Klingon (Portland Mercury)

Education on the Front Lines (The Rotarian)


Dispatches from the ruins (Aeon)

Frankenwords (The Rotarian)

The Secret Lives of Stories (Poets & Writers)

Finding His Way (Runner’s World)

Word are Like Icebergs (World Hum)

Finding His Way (Runner’s World)

Brand You (Poets & Writers)

Dinner for One (The Rotarian)

Non-Places and the End of Travel (World Hum)


Running Circles around Us (Scientific American)

Writing the Self (Poets & Writers)

On the Body as Machine (Undark Magazine)

Is PMS Real? (Slate)

Squaring the Curve (Minnesota Monthly)

Beyond Belief (The Rotarian)

Is PMS Real?  (Slate)

Sound Tracker (Tufts)

Nerve Review (Scientific American Mind)

Travel Writing: Africa

The Crossing (Nowhere Magazine)

The Reunion  (Washington Post Magazine)

A Mind Dismembered (Harper’s)

Family on Safari (World Hum)

If the Swahili Lessons Weren’t Enough (Outpost)

The Roads Between Us (World Hum)

Making Bombs in Zanzibar (Salon)

The Lost World of Nigeria (World Hum)

Things Come Together (VQR)

How to Use a Squat Toilet (World Hum)

Travel Writing: Americas/Asia

The Fallout (Washington Post Magazine)

Branding Guyana (Nowhere Magazine)

Ebb and Flow (Bicycling Magazine)

Singapore’s Genital Panic (Atlas Obscura)

Aliens, Anomalies and Absurdity (Portland Mercury)

Spirits in the Material World (Washington Post Magazine)

Hainan: China’s new kingdom of bicycles (Financial Times)

The Search for Sasquatch (Minnesota Monthly)

Writers & Writing

George Saunders, David Grann, Billy Collins, Junot Diaz, Tom Bissell, Alain de Botton, Helon Habila, Nathan Englander, Will Self, Niall Ferguson, Franklin Foer, A.J. Jacobs, Mark Jenkins, Ngugi wa Thiongo, Rolf Potts, David Grann, Peter Hessler, Lawrence Osborne, Ted Conover, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Paul Theroux, Tom Bissell, Richard Beck, Mark Leibovich, George Saunders.