Stories by Subject


Runner Interrupted: Marko Cheseto disappeared during a run one snowy winter night (Runner’s World)

501 Pounds:  Doctors told him he’d die within six months. Then he looked out his window and saw a man riding a bike (Bicycling)

All the Things He Did Not Know: Tom Bissell went from directionless dropout to acclaimed author (Poets & Writers)

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson wants you to free your will, change your brain and take a journey to the center of your mind (Madison Magazine)

Chasing the Whale: A Profile of Junot Díaz (Poets & Writers)

Pure Klingon: What to Do When You’re an Interstellar Villain Trapped in a Puny Human’s Body? (Portland Mercury)


The Crossing (Nowhere Magazine)

The Reunion: After nearly 15 years, a man learns new lessons about change (Washington Post Magazine)

A Mind Dismembered: In search of the magical penis thieves (Harper’s)

Family on Safari:  The family vacation minus one (World Hum)

The Roads Between Us: A Journey Across Africa (World Hum)

Making Bombs in Zanzibar (Salon)


The Fallout (Washington Post Magazine)

Ebb and Flow: A ride down the Mississippi River helps a cyclist appreciate the hometown he once despised (Bicycling)

In South Dakota, the Lower Brule Sioux promote their culture without kitsch (Washington Post Magazine)

The Search for Sasquatch:  Looking for Bigfoot in the north woods of Minnesota (Minnesota Monthly)

The World Within: Traveling with Dr. Evermor (Madison Magazine)

Aliens, Anomalies and Absurdity at Mt. Adams (Portland Mercury)


Branding Guyana (Nowhere)

Raising a Wild Child (Minnesota Monthly)

Gandhi, a Girl and the Good Enough Life (The Rotarian)

The Secret Lives of Stories: Rewriting Our Personal Narratives
(Poets & Writers)

Inner Space: Clearing Some Room for Inspiration (Poets & Writers)

Word are Like Icebergs (World Hum)


The Fall of the Creative Class (Thirty Two)

A Very Particular Place “Looking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria” (The New Republic)

The Painted Bird: On Wildlife, Art and the Nature of Beauty (Thirty Two)

Non-Places and the End of Travel: On Marc Augé’s “Introduction to Supermodernity” (World Hum)

Sex, Drugs and Fish Salad:  A journey to the center of Paul Theroux’s mind (World Hum)

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