Stories by Subject

Features & Profiles:

Runner Interrupted (Runner’s World)

Origin Unknown (Lapham’s Quarterly)

The Fall of the Creative Class (Thirty Two Magazine; follow-ups here and here)

The Sky Is Burning (Outside)

501 Pounds (Bicycling Magazine)


Dispatches from the ruins (Aeon)

Frankenwords (The Rotarian)

The Secret Lives of Stories (Poets & Writers)

Finding His Way (Runner’s World)

Word are Like Icebergs (World Hum)


Running Circles around Us (Scientific American)

Writing the Self (Poets & Writers)

On the Body as Machine (Undark Magazine)

Is PMS Real? (Slate)

Squaring the Curve (Minnesota Monthly)

Travel Writing: Africa

The Crossing (Nowhere Magazine)

The Reunion  (Washington Post Magazine)

A Mind Dismembered (Harper’s)

Family on Safari (World Hum)

The Roads Between Us (World Hum)

Travel Writing: Elsewhere

The Fallout (Washington Post Magazine)

Branding Guyana (Nowhere Magazine)

Ebb and Flow (Bicycling Magazine)

Singapore’s Genital Panic (Atlas Obscura)

Aliens, Anomalies and Absurdity (Portland Mercury)


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