Features & Profiles:

The Epic Battle to Break the Mississippi River Canoe Record (Outside)

Runner Interrupted (Runner’s World)

The Fall of the Creative Class (Thirty Two Magazine; follow-ups here and here)

A mind dismembered: In search of the magical penis thieves (Harper’s)


What My Kids Learned When They Weren’t in School (The Atlantic)

Dispatches from the ruins (Aeon)

Origin Unknown (Lapham’s Quarterly)

The Secret Lives of Stories (Poets & Writers)


Thinking Yourself to Death (Salon)

If a Weapon Didn’t Cause Havana Syndrome, What Did? (Slate)

Running Circles around Us (Scientific American)

On the Body as Machine (Undark Magazine)


Branding Guyana (Nowhere Magazine)

Teaching a Stone to Fly (Minnesota Monthly)

The Reunion  (Washington Post Magazine)

How to Use a Squat Toilet (World Hum)

Writers & Writing

George Saunders

David Grann

Elizabeth Gilbert

Peter Hessler