Write Around the World: Your Journey from Travel Writing to Publication

Even in today’s connected world, travel writing remains an indispensable genre. In this class, we’ll look at exactly what travel writing is, where it’s published, the differences between narrative and service-oriented travel writing, and how to know which branch is for you. We’ll look at the craft side, and talk about the business end as well, including how to pitch your story to the right market. Sign up here.


SUBTEXT BOOKS: Wednesday, July 17, 7pm, with Sarah Stonich, Peggy “Pearl” Zambory and Kevin Kling

MPR: Tuesday, July 23, 11am-12pm, With Steph Curtis, Laurie Hertzel and Kao Kalia Yang.

MAGERS & QUINN: Tuesday, July 23, 7pm, with Kelly Barnhill, Francine Tolf, Lindsay Neilsen and Jason Good. Event page here.

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