Back from Uganda

I just got back from Uganda, a fantastic country with lots of energy and great people, where I was working on a story. Here are a few highlights:

Best newspaper story: The Horny Leopard: They Begin Bonking at Three Months (Red Pepper)

Second best newspaper story: Economy Grows 9% (New Vision)

Best Book title: The Stains of Love…Sometimes Too Much Love Hurts.

Best Foods: malakwang, boo, chicken in sauce, matoke, beef in g-nut sauce.

Best Billboard: “Would you let this man be with your teenage daughter? Then why are you with his? Intergenerational sex stops with you.”

Most Euphoric Moment: Uganda’s third goal against Angola in world cup qualifying match.

Least Euphoric Moment: Pocket picked at same match.

Best Sign: See above. At same number you can also get “Brain Booster” “Hips Gain ” “Bum Gain” and other benefits, all with no side effects.

Other best newspaper story: Bush’s Secret Plan to Bonk Germany Chancellor Revealed. (The Onion-not the ironic one.)


  1. During my Rotary trip in Kampala, my favorite radio commercial was “Get off the sexual network, stay faithful to one partner”. I also enjoyed eating fried crickets!

  2. Thanks for the note, Diana! Glad to hear the story brought back good memories for you. It certainly is a great part of the world. Bum enlargement included. I never did have a rolex, but it sounds rich. I’ll have to try it next time.

  3. So in a very random turn of events, I read the article you wrote for World Ark today while substitute teaching in a 7th grade class. I spent two months of my summer in Uganda (mostly in Gulu) working for an NGO and reading your article brought back such happy memories of wild boda boda rides, long waits in the bus park, and a very special Obsessions concert.

    Further, I absolutely love this post, especially the “For Manhood Enlargement” signs. I never got a picture of them but they brought me such joy as I walked the streets of Kampala.

    Did you never have chapatti or a rolex? I am rather surprised not to see them on the delicious foods list.

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