The Year in Stories: 2017

Some of my favorite pieces from last year:

DEFe-8sVYAAA0biTeaching a Stone to Fly: At the World Stone Skipping Championship (Minnesota Monthly)

The Kiwis’ Edge in America’s Cup: Drones (New York Times)

Impact of the Creative Class: Richard Florida Can’t Let Go Of His Creative Class Theory.  (Belt Magazine)

Dispatches from the Ruins: Why we love the apocalypse (Aeon Video)

grann-bookQ&A with David Grann on “Killers of the Flower Moon” (Nieman Storyboard)

Against Pessimism (The Rotarian)

A year of sunrises (Star Tribune)

Aging Gracefully: How to be wise (The Rotarian)

In the Heart and Out in the World: A profile of David Coggins (Alive Magazine)

feb-coverEducation on the Front Lines: In Nigeria, a university president takes on Boko Haram (The Rotarian)

Writing the Self: Some Thoughts on Words and Woe (Poets & Writers)

On the trail of history: Rotarians from three countries resurrect the forgotten Great Western Trail (The Rotarian)

Friday Night Bikes (Bicycling)