Finding the World At Home

Not long after we moved back to Minneapolis, I started to notice how much the city had changed since I last lived here in the 1990’s. And so, I started to take some photos and jot things down, the culmination of which you can see on this slideshow over at World Hum.  Sometimes we don’t even notice this kind of change since it happens so gradually, but to me it seemed seismic. Recently, there was a story in our local paper saying that the most immigrants to Minnesota now come from Africa, and last winter I noticed we can get our snow removal instructions in English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese or Oromo.  This weekend is Twin Cities World Refugee Day and on any given day, in the space of an hour, I can go shopping for fishballs, camel meat, Nollywood videos, plastic toy Kalashnikovs, international phone cards, pocky and then stop in for nyama choma and wash it down with a cool durian smoothie.  The world really is here now.

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