Why We Do What We Do: The Science of Motivation

As I read though Daniel Pink’s new book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, I started to wonder why I was writing this review.

It certainly wasn’t for the money (no one, to my knowledge, has gotten rich writing book reviews). And it definitely wasn’t for the fame (although, while I’m at it, “Hi, Grandma Maude!”)

So there must be something else. Why then? Why, in fact, do we do anything? That’s the question at the heart of Pink’s new book, for which he has some, yes, surprising answers.

The book builds on Pink’s previous book, A Whole New Mind, which essentially argued that the economy will be driven by creative, empathetic right-brained individuals, because so many left-brained, logical professions are on a death march toward automation. The book became a runaway best seller, largely because it gave hope to an entire generation of English majors.

Read the rest here.

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