Everything and More: Guillermo Kuitca, cartography and digging up the bones of life

When I got home from the new Guillermo Kuitca show at the Walker, I sat down at my desk, took out a piece of paper, and sketched the floor plan of our home. I had seen it before: the stairs, the small closets, the tiny room where I work. That room is an office now, but many years ago it was built as a kitchen in an upstairs apartment.

As I thought back to a painting I’d noticed in Kuitca’s show, though, the floor plan of our home looked a little different. The lines seemed to me now like the skeleton of something almost alive, and we were the meat on its bones. That painting, House Plan with Tear Drops, showed a simple floor plan like the one in front of me, only his had large tears falling out from the edges.

I know, the image sounds almost maudlin, but the painting is a dark and beautiful work…

Read the rest here.

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