The Training of the Long

4860666127When I opened my mailbox the other day, I had a nice surprise:  A copy of a Japanese textbook for learning English that included my story, Test Day, a piece which has enjoyed an odd, ongoing popularity in that country. The letter from the publisher said the book was titled “Trainning for Reading English” [sic], but Google translates it variously as “Training of the Long” or “Chapter compulsory training in the long: Increase combat power and force…” or more aptly, “Chapter of the long training required.”  Long or short, I’m happy to help out.


  1. Thanks, Prue! Glad to put a little wind in your sails. It’s tough job, but a great way to see the world. Keep up the good work.

  2. I really enjoyed reading ‘Test Day’, and could relate to it so well because I’ve taught English in Siberia and currently in Mexico. Although the conditions are better, the issues of knowledge transference are much the same. It’s nice to read or hear stories from other teachers.. it brings some humour and sanity to what can sometimes be a tough day. Thanks for the boost!

  3. Now you can wear those hipster “I’m big in Japan” t-shirts and actually stay legit! Congrats on talent that has global appeal.

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