Frank Lloyd Right

cimg1428As it turns out, there’s more to Wisconsin than roadkill, cheese clumps and vast quantities of watery beer. A little more. For example, the state is home to a surprising number of high-profile Frank Lloyd Wright constructions. And while I love many of these, others not so much. I’ve always thought Madison’s Monona Terrace felt like a Chinese knockoff with bad carpets, while the First Unitarian Church seemed dark and cramped and Middle-Earthy–sort of like a church for hobbits. But in a recent story for Madison Magazine, I got to spend a night at the Seth Peterson Cottage on Mirror Lake, which is a real gem coughed up by FLW’s mind. There are plenty of pictures of it online, and you can also see the inside of another place modeled after the cottage here. But even that is a far cry from what it feels like to be in the space.


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