Frank Bures is a sought-after speaker on the intersection of culture, narrative and biology. He also frequently gives talks about travel, adventure, and creativity. Here are some the topics he’s available to speak on:

Culture, Storytelling and the Mind:

The Biology of Belief

What is Cultural Diversity? Why does it matter?

The Secret Life of Stories

How Travel Makes You More Creative.

The Outdoors:

The 2021 Mississippi World Canoe Record: A view from the crew

Writing the Wild

Dead Cold: A Close Call with Cold Water

How to Really (Really) Skip Rocks

Writing And Creativity

How to write about weird things and make a living at it.

The Geography of Greatness

How Manage Your Creativity in a Sea of Distraction

Does the Midwest Matter?

Speaking at Rotary Clubs:

Bures is a long-time contributor to Rotary Magazine, and is the author of the collection, The Shape of the World: Essays on Travel, Culture, and Belief from Rotary Magazine, which gathers more than a decade of his award-winning writing about science, travel, culture and more. He is available to speak about any topic in The Shape of the World. Here are some of the presentations he’s given to Rotary Clubs:



The Book Encounter

Cultural Diversity


If you’d like to book Frank Bures for a talk, please email him directly at frankbures [at] yahoo.com.

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