No one wants to femur: Dispatch from the Drop Zone

New story from Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine:

Around 3,000 feet from the deck, Nick Huber realized there was something wrong with his parachute. He looked up—the lines were twisted. His canopy was “kind of flying in reverse.”

“Oh, I can’t land this,” he thought.

So, he made the decision every skydiver hopes they won’t have to: to cut away his chute. As it drifted into a nearby woods (he found it two days later), he deployed his reserve, which billowed into the sky properly and set him softly on the ground below.

Rather than discourage him from skydiving, the near miss had the opposite effect.

“It was kind of exhilarating,” he said. “I was like, ‘That wasn’t so bad. It all worked out.’”

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