The Geography of Madness: Best Travel Books of the Decade (Newsweek)

I was thrilled to see the The Geography of Madness included on this list of the best travel books of the last decade, alongside books by Geoff Dyer, Katherine Boo and Andrew McCarthy, all of whom I love.

As David Farley wrote in his introduction: “There once was a time when a travel writer could get on a long train, or a series of them, and write a book about the experience. But travel writing has changed. Instead of describing the landscape, travel writers have to make some sense of the landscape. The books below, all published in the last 10 years, do just that: The writers walked out their front doors, got on a plane or train, hung around a place (or places) and typed out something about what makes this rock we live on so damn interesting.”

That’s exactly what I set out to do, and it’s the highest compliment to hear that someone believes I managed to do it. I hope that’s true.

See the full list here.