Into the Woods: The Ghosts Outside (Star Tribune)

New Story for Halloween:

In the 1990s, Ryan Melton took a semester off college to hike the Appalachian Trail with his girlfriend. Late one afternoon, they arrived at a campsite.

“It was a nice, quiet spot,” recalled Melton, who now lives in Duluth. “And we had it to ourselves, which was rare. We were tired and ready to be done. So we started to unpack and, after sitting there eating some dinner, we looked at each other. Without any reason, we both felt very uncomfortable being there. After another half-hour or so, we just packed up and left.”

They hiked on to the next site. A couple of days later, other campers informed them that two women had been slain at the campsite they fled.

This Halloween, you may find yourself in a haunted house, and most experts agree that creepy old buildings lend themselves to ghostly inhabitants. But about when you’re outside? When you’re gathered around your campfire, are the ghosts more than just stories?

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