On The Pitfalls of Self-Promotion

jf16_coverI’m not sure that I should be considered any sort of “branding expert,” but I do have an essay in the current Poets & Writers on my ambivalence about self-promotion, and the struggle to balance promoting your work with promoting yourself. See the print edition if you can get it!


2 Responses to “On The Pitfalls of Self-Promotion”

  1. I loved this! Thank you. You really gave meat to why, as writers, we feel self-promotion is unnatural–“…self-promotion sits at the opposite end of the spectrum of self-awareness. At one end we create. At the other end we sell.” I can’t stop feeling nauseated every time I blast out a mass-anything about my writing on Facebook, and begin each post with a mea culpa and promise to resume posting Star Wars memes ASAP. Awesome, awesome stuff (although it probably felt like yet another avenue of promotion)! Take care, Sarah

    • frankbures Says:

      Thanks so much, Sarah! Really glad to hear you appreciated that. It seems to be an unresolvable paradox for our age. Best of luck with your work (and promoting it!).

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