New Online Class: Freelancing 101

JanFeb2013_Loft_Classes_Events-WEB2There are said to be some 42 million freelance workers in the US right now–fully 1/3 of the US workforce.  Many of them, presumably, are winging it. I know this because once I was one of them. But over the last two decades, I’ve learned many useful things and made lots of mistakes from which you can now benefit in a new online class I’ll be teaching through The Loft in February.  Here’s the gist:

Every writer dreams of quitting his or her day job and living the freelance life. No cubicles. No timecards. No boss. But these days, freelancing may be as much necessity as luxury, and in both cases the learning curve can been steep. Frank Bures has been freelancing full time for almost a decade, and part time for nearly two. He has put together this class based on hard-won wisdom. In it, we will look at everything from how to survive in an ever-shifting media market place, to current market rates, to how to run a business, to the fundamentals of selling and writing stories to a wide variety of publishers.”

Read the rest, or register here. Limited to 16 students.

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