Thirty Two: Issue No. 2

Last week, Guy Eggers stopped by to drop off the new issue of Thirty Two Magazine, which was fresh off the press.  After he left I sat down and read several of the stories right away, totally absorbed. It was easy to see that the new issue has taken several steps up from the last one: It’s beautiful, thought-provoking and a real testament to what a print magazine can do. And in print is the only place you’ll find most of these stories:

Björgvin Sævarsson takes on the local advertising industry as “risk averse,” “boring,” and “full of bad culture.”
Megan Kaplan tells how Minnesota became ground zero for men’s fashion (No, I’m not joking).
Bill Donahue beachcombs through the lives that have washed up in the the North Dakota oil boom.
Ben Percy talks about why the Twin Cities is “Second only to New York as a publishing hotspot.”
Anne Healy lament’s the untimely death of Minnesota’s movie industry (and tries to save it).
William Souder writes an original essay about about Silent Spring, the book that changed the world.
Maggie Ryan Sandford gives her take on about Minnesota’s cultural renaissance.
Andy Sturdevant gets a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.
And I explore the other edge of Minnesota Nice:  Minnesota Ice.
Plus much more.

Copies should be in stores already and arriving in mailboxes any day.  Here’s a map of where you can get them. Or better yet, sign up for a subscription here.

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