Salon Saloon: The Ghost Show

This Tuesday (Feb. 22) I’ll be joining Andy Sturdevant and the Salon Saloon crew for The Ghost Show at Bryant Lake Bowl. If you’ve always wanted to know about kanaimas, ghost cats, popobawas, djinns and more, then come on out! Here’s the official flier:

“If you have ghosts,” howled legendary Texas singer Roky Erickson, “than you have everything.”

This is the basic idea behind the February edition of Salon Saloon: talk about ghosts in enough depth, and there’s almost no area of the human experience you won’t touch on. In that spirit, four guests from a wide range of disciplines will address ghostliness in all its forms. Seances, necromancers, phantom ships, spirit animals, electronic voice phenomena, Days of the Dead, wraiths, shades, ectoplasm, Ray Parker, Jr., Hamlet, orbs, spiritism, Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present and Future – we have everything.

This month’s guests:

And as always: the Salon Saloon house band (Katie Condon, Jake Mohan and Claire Tiller), and your host Andy Sturdevant.

Buy your tickets now!

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