The Search for ‘Squatch

Last year, I ventured into the woods of northern Minnesota along with 41 others to look for Sasquatch, Bigfoot, that big hairy guy who isn’t your neighbor in his underwear.  It was part of the first-ever public expedition held in the state by the Bigfoot Field Research Organizations. For four days we scoured the woods for evidence and discussed our findings, such as they were, around the campfire. It was an incredibly fun story to report and write, but believe it or not even harder than finding Bigfoot is finding the right tone to write about Bigfoot, without careening into sneering, pseudo-omniscient sarcasm or white-knuckled, lapel-grabbing credulity.  In the end, for me the fact of Sasquatch’s presence or absence isn’t nearly as interesting as our need to believe that such a thing may still be out there waiting to be discovered.  But for what it’s worth, you can read more about twig structures, ghostly footprints and things that go knock in the night here in the September issue of Minnesota Monthly.


  1. Frank-
    I read your piece about BigFoot and loved it!! You write really well and it was soooo entertaining. I am glad you turned around–some things are better left to the imagination!


    Sorry we didn’t see you at the high school reunion!

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