Art Among the Cornstalks

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:CIMG1989

While living near Madison, Wis., a few years ago, I was biking through the hills south of the city when I came to the tiny town of Paoli. At the time, I actually lived on Paoli Street, and I knew, vaguely, that there was a town called Paoli at the other end of it. But I’d never stopped there because Paoli is so small that you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it.

Apparently, many people were looking for it, because as I rolled through the town, I saw strange things for the heart of farm country: Art galleries. Out-of-state license plates. Tourists.

ICE CREAM SHOPWisconsin is known for many things (most of which are edible and delicious), but art is not one of them. Georgia O’Keeffe and Frank Lloyd Wright may have come from the state, but you just don’t expect to stumble upon an oasis of fine art out in the middle of nowhere.

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