Going the Distance: Writing Longform Nonfiction (Class)

I’ve got a new class coming up at The Loft Literary Center in a couple weeks:

February 23, 2019 9 a.m.–Noon

Some years ago, pundits predicted the end of the attention span. Then a strange thing happened: Publishers noticed that longer stories got more readers and better traffic on their websites. People, it seemed, wanted longer, more immersive story. Thus longform was born. In this class we’ll look at what longform nonfiction is, how to write it and how to sell it. We’ll learn how you can go long in your essays, travel, features and profiles. We’ll hear from some well-known writers who do this work, and will look at some of the techniques used by top writers to make their longform stories more compelling. Finally we will look at the markets for publishing longform work.

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